WellMax Clinical Research

WellMax Clinical Research

In addition to personalized concierge medicine and private medical care to individual patients, WellMax also independently conducts clinical research studies across a broad range of medical specialties for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

WellMax provides patients with high quality health care in a comfortable, professional and confidential environment.

WellMax provides valuable study data by presenting accurate and timely data to our sponsors.

Clinical Research Resources "In House" at WellMax

  • Full time physicians
  • DEXA for bone density of whole body, vertebra and hip; regional body composition studies
  • Digital high resolution ultrasound: vascular (including IMT), cardiac, pelvic and all body areas
  • Cardiac Exercise Stress Testing
  • V02 max measures (direct C02 and 02 measuring)
  • Polysomnography
  • Spirometry
  • Cognitive testing
  • Serum storage at -80C

Angelica Ruiz
Clinical Research Manager

Angelica Ruiz is responsible for the implementation of all clinical research studies at the WellMax Center. This includes study execution and management, daily monitoring of subjects' progress, strict protocol adherence, and drug and device accountability. Angelica also assists in developing recruitment and retention strategies.

Angelica is an ACRP Certified Clinical Research Coordinator and has been active in clinical research since 2001.

Ms. Ruiz has worked in a wide variety of research areas, including sleep disorders, neurology, and diabetes. She has several years of experience as a Lead Sleep Research Specialist, as well as a Regulatory Coordinator, and has extensive knowledge of all areas of clinical research.

Joe Pereira
Lead Polysomnography Technician

Joe Pereira has been the Lead Polysomnography Technician at WellMax Sleep Center for 3 years and brings with him thirteen years of experience in the sleep industry. He is currently Sleep Director at Sleep Diagnostics of the Coachella Valley. He has previous work experience as a Sleep Technician at Huntington Memorial Hospital and Pacific Sleep Medicine.