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Executive Physicals at WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine | Concierge Medicine, Personal Health Records
Comprehensive executive physical exams and other personalized preventive medical & wellness services are available at the WellMax Center for Preventative Medicine in California.

WellMax Approach to Preventative Health Care & Diagnostic Services in La Quinta, California
WellMax provides personalized preventative healthcare services by board certified physicians in a state-of-the-art clinic near the luxurious La Quinta Resort and Club in California.

WellMax Advantage | How WellMax Stands Apart from Other Preventive Medical Clinics
Discover what makes WellMax stand apart from other preventive medical clinics and how a quality, indiviualized approach is priority when it comes to your health.

The WellMax Center for Preventative Medicine Team of Professionals
WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine is comprised of a team of health & medical professionals that provide personalized concierge medical & executive physical services in a private, resort-like facility.

La Quinta Resort & Club in Partnership with WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine
WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine is proud to have its patients stay at the luxurious & historic La Quinta Resort & Club, a Waldorf Astoria Resort.

Private & Confidential Preventive Medical Care & Executive Health Services for Patients
Patient confidentiality is one of our priorities when it comes to your preventative health care services and well-being at WellMax in La Quinta, CA.

FAQ About WellMax's Executive Health Care & Preventive Medical Care Services
Learn more about WellMax's preventive health care services, state-of-the-art facilities, executive physicals, La Quinta Resort & more with our FAQs.

WellMax Preventative Health Care Services: Executive Physicals, Personal Health Records, Concierge Medicine, Medical Massage & Sleep Studies
WellMax preventative health services include executive physicals, medical massage, sleep disorder treatments & personal health portfolios.

One-day Executive Physicals at WellMax | Personalized Executive Health Care Services
WellMax’s inclusive one-day executive physical exam offers a unique approach to preventive healthcare services by professional medical doctors in a state-of-the-art medical facility.

Core Executive Physicals at WellMax | Personalized Executive Health Care Services
WellMax's Core Executive Physical is a comprehensive executive physical program that screens patients for a multitude of health parameters offering full-knowledge of health issues.

Executive Physicals at WellMax | Personalized Executive Health Care Services
WellMax's Platinum Executive Physical offers a multitude of personalized executive health care screenings & diagnostics to help take preventive health measures if needed.

Complete Personal Health & Medical Records through WellMax's Personal Health Portfolio Service
Our Personal Health Portfolio service provides patients with thorough personal health records accessible online, anytime they may need their medical records.

The Premier La Quinta Med Spa, Desert Med Aesthetics in Partnership with WellMax
WellMax is proud to offer luxuriuos med spa services through their partnership with Desert Med Aesthetics, the premier med spa in La Quinta, CA.

Medical Massage Therapy Services at WellMax | Therapeutic Massage Services for Medical Issues
Medical massage therapy is one of the most effective ways to relieve medical issues associated with stress or tension. Learn about therapeutic massage services at WellMax.

BiophysicalCA/CV Biomarker Screenings | Detect Disease Risks With Our Preventative Health Services
Our Biomarker screening blood tests, BiophysicalCA/CV, help detect disease risks allowing you to take the necessary steps to prevent serious health & wellness complications.

WellMax Sleep Center for Sleep Disorders | Diagnostic and Sleep Disorder Treatments
The WellMax Sleep Center in La Quinta, CA helps patients and referring doctors diagnose and treat sleeping disorders, helping achieve optimal sleep for a healthy life.

Do I Have a Sleep Disorder? | WellMax Helps Diagnose and Treat Sleeping Disorders
Have you asked yourself, "Do I have a sleep disorder?" Look through our list of symptoms that may help you identify if you have a sleep disorder.

Sleep Disorder Treatments & Diagnostics at the WellMax Sleep Center in La Quinta, CA
The WellMax Sleep Center for sleeping disorders identifies the reasons you may not be receiving rest through a multitude of diagnostic testing services including in-clinic and at-home studies.

WellMax Sleep Center for Referring Doctors | Sleep Disorder Treatments for Your Patients
When you refer your patients to WellMax's Sleep Center, our disorder diagnostics & treatments include in-home sleep studies, overnight sleep studies, C-PAP, BiPAP, VPAP Adapt SV VPAP and more.

Concierge Medical Care with WellMax's VIP Membership | Personalized Executive Health Care Services
WellMax's VIP membership is concierge medical care at its finest. You'll receive yearly personalized executive health services along with other WellMax services.

WellMax News | What Respected Publications Are Saying About Our Executive Health & Preventive Services
WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine has been featured in news publications such as Time, Newsweek, Vogue & more. Click to see what they are saying!

WellMax Patient Testimonials | What Our Patients are Saying About Our Executive Health Services
See what patients are saying about the unsurpassed executive health care services provided by WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine.

In-House Clinical Research at WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine
In order to present timely data to our patients, we perform in-house clinical research for most of our studies.

Contact WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine in La Quinta, CA
Schedule your comprehensive executive health physical, VIP concierge medical services, sleep study, medical massage or simply inquire about WellMax's medical services.

Patient Portal | WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine
Sign-in through WellMax's patient portal to access your personal health and medical records.

Executive Healthcare Services for Canadian Visitors at WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine
Visitors from Canada can take advantage of WellMax's executive physicals and healthcare services. Dr. Cosgrove will work in conjunction with your physician to ensure optimal preventive medical services.