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Bredesen “Cognoscopy”


One Day Bredesen Cognoscopy Program

You spend plenty of time with board certified internal medicine specialist Dr. Robert Greene one on one. You’re welcome to have a loved one with you throughout the evaluations. You get comprehensive lab tests and other necessary tests, all in one day. Then you get a summary letter and “notebook” with a Personal Health Portfolio™ and an action plan. 

Wellmax is not typically reimbursed by insurance or Medicare. The cost of the program starts at $4900.

Highlights of the Program

This one-day visit evaluates memory strengths and weaknesses, screens for disease before symptoms, but it is also is individualized to address any specific issues that you may have. 

Unhurried, one-on-one time with Dr. Robert Greene to discuss all your health issues with an emphasis on cognitive function, memory, family history, and possible causes (such as toxins or stress).
Cognitive testing including verbal, math, spatial, memory and other validated tests
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One Day Bredesen Cognoscopy Program

DOCTOR discussion

Ample personal time with Dr. Robert Greene to discuss all your health issues, with an emphasis on cognitive function, memory, family history, and possible causes (such as toxins or stress). About Dr. Greene ›

Cognitive testing

Cognitive testing including verbal, math, spatial, memory and other validated tests.

Pulmonary Function testing

Pulmonary Function testing to confirm adequate oxygen and ventilation.


ECG (electrocardiogram) to screen for heart rhythm and other potential contributors from the heart to cognitive function.

Heavy metal testing

A heavy metals panel is a group of tests that measures the quantity of specific potentially toxic metals in the blood, urine or, more rarely, in the hair or other body tissue or fluid.


Hormones, including estrogen and testosterone, cortisol (adrenal function) and others.

Lab Tests

Chemistries, blood count, complete thyroid panel, CRP, homocysteine, and many other tests as recommended by Dr. Bredesen.

Smell test

Research has shown that a declining sense of smell can be an early sign of dementia. We use a validated commercial test of smelling and score it to provide a baseline functional measure.

Complete genetic testing
Complete Genetic Testing and Counseling
We create a report that includes several important genetic variants that can contribute to dementia, and that may provide clues to specific treatments. Genes that we check include ApoE, APP, PSEN1, PSEN2, CD33, TREM2, CR1, MTHFR, as well as Factor II, Factor V, and others. These can be passed on to family members and it may be important to identify them early, and take action. We can provide genetic counseling to family members as well.
Other studies can be added on your visit to WellMax.
CALL US to discuss the specific concerns about you or your loved one.

(Sleep study)

Polysomnography (Sleep study) is available at WellMax. We can monitor 14 leads while you sleep. This can be done in our clinic or in your home. We can use this information to detect sleep abnormalities in breathing (oxygen delivery to the brain) and information from the brain waves, i.e. stages of sleep. Some patients feel like they’re sleeping well but their brain is not going into Stage III and IV “slow wave” sleep, and decreased slow wave sleep has been associated with greater “tau” in the brain, and early Alzheimer’s.


Screening with ultrasound imaging in our office: comfortable, private, non-invasive, and no radiation. We screen the thyroid, carotid arteries, liver, spleen, kidneys, aorta, and the uterus and ovaries for women, or prostate and bladder for men.

IMT carotid

The IMT carotid provides a color report with an image that shows you if you have any build up of plaque in the arteries. The accumulation of plaque in the arteries is arteriosclerosis, and sometimes the arteries supplying the brain can be either narrowed, with decreased blood flow to the brain, or they can have soft plaque that becomes a source of multiple tiny plaque embolisms that damage the brain.

Bone screening with DEXA

We check the spine, hips, and total body for bone density. 

Body Composition testing

Body Composition testing (via DEXA) We check your muscle mass and body fat for the whole body, but also the trunk, legs, and arms separately. Apple or pear-shaped? Let’s measure, set the baseline, and set goals.

Other lab tests

Labs that can be easily added include specialized panels that screen for autoimmunity that may affect neurological function (Cyrex array 7 or 5). 

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tumor markers

To screen for several types of cancer at its earliest stages.

Complete dermatological skin exam.

 We screen for skin cancers and can treat or biopsy immediately if you wish. We teach you the ABCDE of melanoma screening. You are also offered the Visia Skin Analysis and consultation with a skin specialist at no additional charge.

coronary CT angiogram

The coronary CT angiogram provides color images of the arteries that supply your heart muscle. This is in much greater detail than the often offered “coronary calcium” test, and it can pick up soft plaque not seen on the often offered “coronary calcium” tests.

Lung CT

Lung CT is the high-tech “rapid spiral” that in one second screens the lungs for nodules but also can pick up big lymph nodes and aorta issues and much more. It is MUCH more sensitive than a chest X-ray.

Breast MRI

Much more accurate in detecting tumors than mammograms


Echocardiography can be done in our office in a few minutes. It provides information about your heart walls, chamber sizes, valves, and much more without needles or radiation.
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