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Bredesen Protocol

The WellMax team has several clinical personnel that are familiar with the cognitive testing recommended by Dr. Bredesen, as well as the Brain MRI with Neuroquant imaging, and the Bredesen-recommended lab tests.
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Highlights of the Protocol

The WellMax Center for Preventative Medicince in Indian Wells, CA provides patients an individualized, in-depth picture of their health, an action plan to improve it and their test results—all in less than a day. Our board-certified physicians deliver an individualized “cognoscopy” --- a structural and functional physical exam with unequaled personal attention to help you reach and sustain the best cognitive function and memory possible.
A new study of 100 patients was published in October, 2018 reports that cognitive function improved
Is lack of restorative sleep (decreased slow wave NREM sleep) related to Alzheimer’s? A new study published December 2018 suggests that they are related
Dr. Robert Greene
Dr. Greene specializes in Executive Physicals, Bredesen Protocol, and Lifestyle Medicine. He is empathetic, caring, and a good listener, so patients love him.

He has a special interest in the Bredesen Protocol to prevent and reverse Cognitive Decline, Cardiovascular Medicine, Neurology and in Lifestyle Medicine.
An internationally-recognized expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases 
MPI Cognition™ was established by Dr. Bredesen to reduce the global burden of dementia—to prevent cognitive decline in all who are at risk, and reverse the process in those who are symptomatic, especially those with early symptoms. This may be the most important goal in healthcare today: cognitive decline has become the #1 health concern of individuals as we age, and Alzheimer’s disease has become the third leading cause of death in the United States, after cardiovascular disease and cancer, destined to rob 45 million of the Americans currently living of their most fundamental reasoning capabilities if we do not do something to prevent and reverse the process.

MPI Cognition™ provides advanced medical information and algorithms that assist individuals and practitioners to prevent and reverse cognitive decline. In a disease that was deemed untreatable, we were the first to describe success (Bredesen, Aging 2014), and this has continued, using a personalized programmatic approach rather than a single ineffective pill.

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