Core Program

WellMax® Core Physical

Dr. Cosgrove meeting with a patient

The Core Physical program provides patients with a comprehensive set of preventive screening tests that measure a wide range of health parameters. Combined with a complete physical exam, extensive medical interview, nutritional evaluation and much more, this powerful executive physical program gives patients full-knowledge of their health status and any potential health issues.

While this program can be completed in one day, it does require at least 7–8 hours of scheduled time, which is more pleasantly completed over two days. Many clients request additional tests to accompany this executive physical, and these are more easily included during a two-day period. Contact WellMax to schedule your Core Physical exam today.

Required in-clinic time during Core Executive Physical: 8 hours | Recommended time: 1-2 days

Please contact the WellMax® Team for more information and pricing at: (760) 777-8772