Stem Cell Therapy

An innovative way to potentially treat joint pain caused by damaged tissue. 
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We have all heard that stem cell therapy is a promising new technique that many patients report has had enormous benefit in relieving low back pain or pain in knees or other joints.

What do I look for in a good stem cell clinic? They’re not all alike!


  • Bone marrow, not fat for stem cells.
    • The advantage of using bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) vs. fat derived stem cells is that like fat derived stem cells, BMAC contains mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that can stimulate wound healing, reduce inflammation, and modulate immune cells, but unlike fat derived stem cells, it also contains significant numbers of other cell types (growth factors) that can induce new blood vessel growth and reinvigorate tissue that doesn’t have adequate blood supply. The bone marrow cells include cells that can promote new blood vessel formation. No tissue can heal properly or completely without proper/new blood vessel formation.

    • Dr. Cosgrove uses bone marrow cells, not fat. That’s how they do it at Mayo Clinic. That’s how they do it at Cleveland Clinic. And that’s how we do it here. Bone marrow aspirate is one of the primary ways the FDA recommends stem cell treatments be done for joints and spine's.

In addition to better stem cells we also provide and anticipate patient needs during the process and offer a variety of services not normally provided by other centers.

  • Comfort. We use conscious sedation, so you’re “out” for a few minutes. The “harvest” of stem cells is virtually pain free. There are no large bruises like one gets with harvest from fat. We have an anesthesiologist, and we are certified by IMQ to use sedation medications. 
  • CT-guided injection with a photograph of needle placement so we all know exactly where it went, accurate to within one millimeter. Blind injection or ultrasound is not in the same league. Ask a radiologist.
  • Research, and counting the cells.
    • Dr. Cosgrove uses a dedicated laboratory on site with a hood, and a cell counting technique that costs tens of thousands of dollars, but delivers accurate information: how many cells, how many platelets? How many monocytes? It matters. We want to know exactly.
    • Institutional Review Board (IRB). Dr. Cosgrove is submitting an application to receive an IRB through Western IRB, so that each patient evaluation and each injection is monitored exactly, and we can share those results with other medical scientists.

The best part?! You can save on average over $3,000. We charge $6900*. That includes CT guided injections* and includes comfort with conscious sedation and complete monitoring. Many facilities will charge over $10,000 without the added comfort or accuracy in treatment administration.

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*Starting price of $6,900, restrictions apply, multiple treatment areas may result in additional fees.

The cost of Stem Cell Therapy starts at $6900.

Do you have joint pain caused by weak or damaged tissue in your joints? Call us to discuss Stem Cell Therapy.

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