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VIP Membership Program

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VIP Membership Benefits include:

When it comes to your health, you are our priority. With a VIP Membership, you will experience concierge medicine at its finest. This membership offers a more personalized approach to your healthcare. As with all of our patients, we know you and your health history personally. We make ourselves available when you, and even your doctor, need us. Discover all the benefits of this concierge medicine service, below.

  • Annual History & Executive Physical Examination with Dr. Cosgrove or WellMax Physician.
  • Phone, e-mail and in-person consultations throughout the year with Dr. Cosgrove or WellMax Physician. *
  • Physician fees at the discounted rate of $125.00 per 15 minutes for office visits.
  • Labs, images, physiologic studies, and supplements are all billed at the regular WellMax rate. Often, lab tests can be submitted directly to insurance. Some services (but not Membership) may be reimbursable by insurance. Therefore, our office can prepare claim forms for patients to submit to their insurance for consideration of reimbursement.
  • Priority access to WellMax staff and physicians who are dedicated to spending the time it takes to meet your needs and are knowledgeable about the latest medical research. Members receive priority nursing and physician services.
  • Access to a complete, up-to-date medical chart and electronic medical record. This enables medical providers to have all the required information when making important decisions about your health needs.
  • Ongoing monitoring of your preventive care program by your Personal Wellness Advocate (PWA) in your personal health portfolio.
  • Pocket hard drive (USB) WellMax medical record with periodic updating (or a private secure website at which you can access your electronic medical records).
  • Prescription refills. This is a qualified service. State and Federal Law and American Medical Association policy requires that all physicians see the patient (face-to-face) at least annually (labs may also be required) to refill prescriptions. This is accomplished and intended by design to coincide with annual medical exams and with periodic visits.

The WellMax Membership Program

The WellMax™ model is a partnership towards your living better, longer. You are ultimately responsible to take the actions required for a healthy life; no one can do that for you. WellMax serves as your partner by providing you with objective measurements and proven recommendations to guide you along the way. Completing a WellMax executive health care program, combined with comprehensive examinations on an annual basis, is the best way to provide a complete picture of your current health position and needs. With every WellMax visit, you receive detailed copies of all of your studies, reports and specific personalized recommendations to help you optimize your overall health.

Our goal and focus is to keep you well.

Through our personalized and comprehensive approach to concierge medicine, we provide long-term preventive care for the total person. Our goal and focus is to keep you well. We combine an active collaborative care management model with comprehensive annual examinations focused on early detection. In the past 50 years, healthcare has become more compartmentalized (pulmonologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, dermatologists, immunologists…specialists and sub-specialists taking care of their specific systems with problems). Western medicine has become largely reactive to symptoms and problems; some of which are only treated superficially while the underlying cause goes undiagnosed and continues to progress. To a high degree, primary care physicians have been too often reduced to managing reports from specialists. Unfortunately, the "business" of medicine has placed so much pressure on them that a patients' quality time with them is just not feasible.

Our unique WellMax Membership Program is designed with a concierge medicine-approach in mind. This approach is to help build on your investment in yourself by providing ongoing access to WellMax physicians and staff between your annual exams. If you see access to WellMax physicians and staff as a necessary benefit between your annual exams, then this concierge membership is likely for you. If you see us participating or co-participating in your care, then membership is required. It is the only way to ensure that we are "there for you" and by design allows WellMax to participate at the level of "co-ownership" in your care. It is our/your short or long distance concierge level program. Contact with WellMax can be by e-mail, telephone or face-to-face. You, or any physician who is treating you, may contact WellMax throughout the year to address your needs. These are just some of the many benefits of enrolling in this concierge medicine program.

WellMax proprietary Personal Health Portfolio(TM)

We are pleased to provide you with a custom login and password to access your complete secure WellMax medical record online. WellMax members all have access to one of the original Health Records on the internet. The online Personal Health Portfolio (TM) has search functionality to assist you with access to all your medical information. We provide a complete database of medical records that we gather for you and upload whether we performed the services or you saw another provider. All this information available at your fingertips at any time. We feel strongly that this is your information and it is very important to have access to it when you need it, we want to empower you in every way possible to take part in your medical care.

As part of our concierge medicine services, WellMax offers a pocket hard drive (USB) of your complete WellMax medical record which utilizes proprietary software to load and configure it. The information can be accessed by any Windows operating system computer that has the Adobe Acrobat Reader on it. This software is readily accessible and free to download from the Internet. This will allow you to have an electronic copy of your WellMax™ medical record with you wherever you are or go.

With this level of concierge membership, we become your personal medical assistants as needed. We monitor your medical needs, i.e., periodic blood testing for those who require medication to reduce cholesterol levels, and maintain your ongoing records in your electronic medical record. Important benchmarks are constantly monitored and maintained. These are compared not only with age-related norms but also with your own individual health history. As time progresses, this information becomes an invaluable sentinel for early detection of adverse changes in your personal health. It also provides you with essential feedback of the proactive changes you are making. Our best preventive model is a comprehensive annual executive physical exam combined with concierge medicine membership!

Call WellMax at (760) 777-8772 to decide if this program is correct for you, and how it can be personalized and made easy for you or your loved ones.
Fee for WellMax Membership Program: Contact us

Note: Physician office and telephone consultations are limited to a total of 200 visits per year (standard 15 minute visits)

We recommend enriching your WellMax experience by taking advantage of some of the world-class amenities that Indian Wells has to offer, including specialized fitness classes, sports programs, and specific spa therapies, thus making the whole experience even more pleasant.

We provide our concierge medicine services for patients all over the world. We are located in Indian Wells, California and patients from surrounding cities including Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, La Quinta and Coachella seek out WellMax for our unparallelled health care services.