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Our Health Care Services

At Wellmax, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality and widest array of preventive medical services available. We offer multiple levels of executive physicals that include a comprehensive set of tests, and also provide a wide range of individual testing and imaging services. Our services include:

Comprehensive Physicals
Patient on treadmill during comprehensive physical examination

Looking for a medical package that’s right for you? WellMax offers Executive Physicals and Comprehensive Medical Examination Packages to fit your needs. Select an option to learn more!

One Day Executive Physical>WellMax Platinum Executive Physical

A packed, one-day session of over 25 preventive tests, including a comprehensive physical exam, ultrasound and lab tests, nutritional evaluation and more.

The Core Program builds upon the One-Day Executive Physical Program with additional ultrasound and laboratory testing.

The WellMax™ Platinum Program is one of the most thorough and extensive preventive screening Programs available anywhere in the world. This Program expands upon the tests included in the Core Physical Program with additional labs, a virtual colonoscopy, metabolic analysis, and much more.

Personal Health Portfolios
Patient checking their Personal Health Portfolio

The Personal Health Portfolio™ is a complete medical record that is compiled and analyzed by WellMax, and is accessible anywhere to you. It includes all tests you have received from other doctors and specialists, and a thorough review determines if any additional testing is recommended. The Portfolio is monitored regularly, and is the premiere way to ensure that the patient’s preventive health is fully addressed.

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Desert Med Aesthetics
Dr. Doriana Cosgrove treating a Desert Med patient

Desert Med Aesthetics, the leading med spa in Indian Wells, provides state-of-the art skin care treatments in a beautiful, spa-like environment. Founded by Dr. Doriana Cosgrove, our approach is both diagnostic and therapeutic, focusing exclusively on your individual needs. The results will be noticeably improved skin tone, texture and tightness for both men and women of all ages and skin types.

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Full-Day Medical Spa Package
Patient receiving facial

Looking for a Medical Package combined with Spa treatments? This full-day program combines your executive physicals, medical screenings for early detection of disease along with medical-grade cosmetic procedures designed to repair and maintain your skin’s health.

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VIP Membership
Patient meeting with Dr. Cosgrove and discussing VIP Membership

Our VIP Membership is concierge medicine at its finest. By establishing a partnership focused on the individual healthcare of each patient, we believe that we will yield the best healthcare to and for our patients throughout the year. With our VIP Membership, our patients are given priority access to our concierge medicine staff and physicians. A Personal Wellness Advocate “PWA” is assigned to each patient, and orchestrates their care here in our facility, as well as with other specialty practices. Our VIP WellMax Membership is an option that is available to all patients who have completed one of our Executive Physical Programs within the past year.

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